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Donald Trump Is a Brilliant Marketer? I Don’t Buy It

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I have a copy of AdAge sitting on my coffee table staring back at me. I can’t bring myself to toss it, and not because it’s good, but because it’s bad…so it just sits there staring at me with smug tiny fingers. This issue features Donald Trump, with the tagline What can this earned-media, real-time, live-event, crisis-proof brand teach you? I normally love AdAge. They have unique takes on marketing and advertising tactics, but I’m disappointed in this article. Not as a political activist, or even as a compassionate human, but…read more

My Ambitionz As a Writah (My Rap-Based Content Philosophy)

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I grew up in the 90s, and like any white suburban kid on the West Coast, Tupac was my idol. 20 years later, not much has changed. I may not want Thug Life tatted on my chest anymore, but in some regards, Pac is still my idol. Tupac was a symbol for something we tend to forget about: versatility. He didn’t want to be pegged as just one thing. He wanted to be a businessman, a conscious rapper, a gangster, a poet, an actor, an artist, a politician…I admire that….read more

What Value Are You Adding, Right Now?

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This weekend was my one-year anniversary, so my wife and I went to Victoria, British Columbia to celebrate her not kicking me to the curb yet. Victoria is a beautiful harbor town with a lot of history and tons to do, so naturally, it’s swarming with tourists from all over the world (including ourselves). As we drank tea and looked at a bunch of flowers (because my suggestion of “finding a bar to watch the Seahawks preseason game” wasn’t “romantic” enough), I started paying attention to the other tourists. Over…read more

Zen and the Art of a Dead-End Job

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This morning, I had coffee with a friend who’s terrified about her career choices. She’s nervous that she’s wasting her time in an industry with no future…and maybe she is, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I have a unique perspective on this. I’m like the grim reaper of industries. If there’s an industry that’s been disrupted and crippled by technology, chances are I did time there. Newspaper industry? I watched it crumble around me. Taxi company? Rocked that before Uber and Lyft got to it. Car dealership?…read more

The Importance of Ego in Art and Business

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You should know that my ego is huge. Really huge. Bigger than yours. It’s probably the biggest (and most handsome) ego out there. And that’s great, because I’m a writer. But it’s also terrible, because I’m a writer. Ego is something we’re taught to suppress. We’re trained from a young age that humility is a virtue to strive for, and ego will get us in trouble. Ego is the root of bad decisions, right? It blinds us to the truth by keeping our focus on our attributes and successes. The…read more

The Importance of Making Shit (AKA The Psychology of a Creative Type)

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A few years ago, I found myself searching for a job. After years as a journalist, it turned out I couldn’t afford to be a journalist because of the student loans I racked up trying to become a journalist…life is kind of a dick sometimes. I bounced around a few different industries. I worked in ad sales, I worked as an account manager, I worked for a digital agency. I hated all of it. While pouring over the web trying to find a career path I’d actually enjoy, my girlfriend…read more

You Have All The Answers Because You Softball The Questions

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Early on in my career, I was a beat reporter for newspaper in a small town in Montana, covering the local minor league baseball team. This was the best job I’ve ever had. If small town sports reporters didn’t get paid in pocket lint and work til 1AM every night, I’d still be doing it. After the first game I ever covered, I wandered down to the home team clubhouse to interview the manager. He’d been ejected in the 7th inning, and stormed off the field with third base under…read more